Improve your life! Free yourself from gynecomastia and get a solid, attractive texture!


Today, men can easily overcome gynecomastia. With the development of cosmetic medicine, surgeons are able to treat many gynecomastia patients every day. Gynecomastia surgery is simple: the doctor makes small incisions on both sides of the chest using modern cosmetic techniques. The doctor then removes fat and glandular tissue from the breast area. The chest circumference is then re-sculpted again to achieve a natural appearance.
Weight loss may be an effective treatment for gynecomastia, but in many cases weight loss is ineffective because there is excess glandular tissue that is not excreted by weight loss. Therefore, the patient must undergo a gynecomastia to remove the gynecomastia.


If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately. There, the doctor will determine the size of the gynecomastia and the progression of the condition. The doctor will also detect the patient’s health status in preparation for surgery to remove the gynecomastia. Patients undergoing surgery to remove gynecomastia should follow a few tips before undergoing surgery

Quit smoking for (two weeks to a month) before the surgery

Avoid taking antibiotics, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs

Avoid herbal supplements to avoid bleeding during surgeryy

Do not take any medications that may adversely affect the surgery to remove gynecomastia


Male gynecomastia problems end after surgery, if the doctor’s advice and instructions are followed exactly, for a guaranteed complication-free result and recovery period

Sleep straight and avoid bending over to avoid complications with the wound

Get plenty of rest for at least 3 days after the surgery is over

Avoid soft drinks and alcohol and avoid smoking for (2 weeks to 1 month) after the surgery

Take painkillers and medications exactly as informed by the doctor

Avoid exercise that requires stress or strength for two weeks after surgery

Avoid driving for several days after surgery

Stay hydrated for several days after surgery until solids are gradually introduced into the diet