Hollywood Smile

Enjoy a charming and attractive smile, change your life with a Hollywood Smile


Hollywood is a non-surgical cosmetic operation that gives immediate results. It is done by placing customized peels on the original teeth of the patient. The dental peels are customized individually based on the shape of the patient’s jaw and mouth. The goal is to give the patient’s teeth a better shape as well as to keep them bright for many years. Hollywood Smile is performed to get rid of the pigmentations and color changes that happen to one’s teeth. It is also a very effective way to solve the problem of broken, missing, or basically any irregular teeth line.

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What makes the Hollywood Smile perfect is that it requires no additional or extra care. All that is needed is the dental care that one routinely performs. Some of the most important tips include

Brush your teeth daily and use dental floss. This will help clean your teeth and protect them from food crumbs

Reduce sugary foods and other foods that may leave stains on your teeth. Also, avoid drinking coffee and tea

Avoid smoking as much as possible, as it weakens your gums and changes the color of your teeth

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