Experience an integrated touristic

and medical journey in Egypt

Benefit from a comprehensive trip to the best hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and medical devices, guided by expert doctors.

Our Mission

The highest standards of quality, expertise, medical care and complete integrity are placed in your hands .

Our Aim

It is to change your life and encourage you to take new steps forward towards a successful life, socially, professionally and personally.

GM Tours was created for you to be as you like

Why Choose GM Tours ?

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Tourist Programme
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Online Consultations
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Tourism Program

We have combined beauty and pleasure to ensure you an exceptional tourism experience that exceeds your expectations, making us your first choice. We offer diverse tourism programs with the finest tourist hotels to make it an unforgettable journey.

Online Consultations

We offer you online video medical consultation services by a distinguished group of doctors in Egypt and the Middle East.


We have provided you with high-quality medical services by a select group of internationally accredited surgeons and physicians with academic backgrounds and extensive experience, giving you confidence that you are in safe hands.


We provide medical follow-up and examination in leading hospitals equipped with the latest technologies and medical devices in Egypt and the Middle East, ensuring meticulous attention to detail with the highest quality to guarantee the comfort of patients.